Extract Meta Tags

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Extract Meta Tags

Meta tags are often defined as a way to make your website more search engine friendly. The meta tags for a web page can be found in the code of the webpage. Meta tags include information about the content, keywords, and the author of the page.

What are meta tags

The metadata tags are what provide the search engines with the content to display to you, the user. It is an important aspect of web design that often gets relegated to last on the list of priorities. This article will help you understand how metadata tags help search engines display your pages more effectively and make it easier for users to find your site.

Why We Use Meta Tags

The internet is a great place for metadata. In the form of search engine results, product information, and even blog posts, metadata provides a wealth of information about something from the perspectives of those who share it. Metadata also comes in many different forms, from microdata to Data Mining. The most common type of metadata is extracted meta tags. These tags are found in a website's HTML code and can be used to find out what a website is all about. But what do tags mean? While meta tags can provide a wealth of information on a website, they are not meant to be read. Tags are there to be used when a website needs to do some sort of action, such as adding a tag to one or more products.