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Displays estimated monthly search volume, CPC, and market value for unlimited keywords. It also shows relevant keywords similar to the one you enter.

Keyword Search


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Before putting your pen to your thoughts, do you like to run keyword research? Do you have a budget? If so, there's no need to explore any further than our free keyword research tool for several reasons.


It is entirely free, easy to operate, and super accurate. For any kind of topic in any niche. Our keyword finder will generate a list of similar keywords. It will be using Google Autosuggestions. You can find the ideal keywords for the website or blog with the aid of the algorithm.


It's the greatest substitute for Google Keyword Planner. This is because Google provides the information directly. You can continue to read. This will show you the important things about the tool.



To find out the precise words individuals use. Google offers a free keyword finder called Google Keyword Planner. The Keyword Planner does not display the approximate amount of search volume. You might need to conduct an AdWords campaign for that.


And even though it comes at a cost to use it, you should not stop utilizing the tool as a result. You can determine the monthly search volume for specific keywords. Because our SEO keyword finder allows you to conduct keyword research.


The Keyword Planner might be free to use if you "create an account without setting up a campaign." However, it then necessitates numerous clicks. The best alternative for discovering your keywords is using our keyword research tool. There are several helpful features that it provides, which we'll go over later.



You are faced with the difficult chore of conducting keyword research. When you decide to improve your website so it ranks higher on search engines. It can be difficult to select the ideal group of keywords to target with your website. For some niches, the number of phrases accessible might be overwhelming. And selecting the few that will make your site stand out. It requires careful consideration of a variety of variables. For your website's rankings, it will be essential to target the appropriate ones.


Finding your seed keywords is the first step in keyword research. These are the cornerstone of the entire process. And the backbone of SEO; they are also referred to as primary keywords.


To comprehend the context of your specialty, they often consist of one or two words. If your area of expertise is weight reduction, for instance. Your seed keywords should include things like "diet," "fitness," "lifestyle," etc.


The process of choosing your main keywords will lead to the discovery. Especially if your long-tail keywords. 50 or perhaps more lengthy keywords can be produced from a single seed term. These offer less competition in terms of search traffic. And are more tailored to your site's content.



Words or phrases known as "seed keywords". They can be used as the foundation of a keyword research strategy to open the door to more keywords. Think of them as the building blocks of keyword research services.


 For instance, if you sell coffee online. Use seed keywords like espresso, cappuccino, coffee, French press, and tea infuser. 


Millions of possible keywords will appear. Once you enter these seed phrases into our free keyword finder. And select the keyword ideas report.


Search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and advertising content marketing. These all depend on having a small list of seed keywords. The procedure of locating seed keywords, however, is unclear to some marketers.


How many times have you begun reading a keyword research article? And found that the first step is to "build a list of seed keywords." But the publication doesn't explain how to accomplish it. It may offer suggestions such as "create a list of items a typical consumer could want or need". Or "list your products," but the method of actually coming up with broad seed keywords. Can continue to be somewhat of a guessing game.



The automatic completion or automatic suggestion feature of Google Search is quite useful. Users are intended to be able to finish their searches more swiftly. With the help of our niche keyword finder. You can now easily improve automatic suggestion functionality.


However, if you can utilize the Autocomplete or Auto Suggest feature on your own. 


You must use our niche keyword finder because it speeds up the process and saves you time. Additionally, it offers you a plethora of data, such as CPCs or volumes, to help you select the most crucial terms.


If you are a blogger or have an eCommerce business. If so, increasing traffic to the website or blog is your only chance for success.


And the simplest way to do this is to produce content depending on the search terms that people use.


The program functions as a keyword explorer or finder. It also lets you use whatever keywords suit your website in the best way. 


  • Now let's learn how it functions.
  • Go to the tool
  • Choose a seed keyword and then select "Search."


The competitor keyword research Tool then does a Google search. Using parameters such as monthly volume, CPC, and paid competition. You can select the best keywords for your web page or blog.


Remember that magic happens when you search using your seed term.





When you have to target a certain country. Or if you are writing for the whole world generally. There are three choices under "Keyword Research Options" in this free keyword finder:


  • Target 
  • Language 
  • Increased "keywords" limit


Select option one to obtain keywords that can assist you in reaching a certain nation. Or a global audience. We're currently developing new languages.



By utilizing our related keyword generator. When you input your seed keyword, you will get relevant keywords and details. Moreover, if you select a specific term from the results list. You can also click on the associated keywords. These are quite useful for tapping long-tail keywords.


Nothing within the world of internet marketing is as "simple to rank." However, the data indicates. Certain keywords are more challenging to rank for than others. Additionally, long-tail keywords contain three words. Or more words are typically easier to rank for.



Use of our keyword generator is free and requires neither registration nor payment. It signifies that neither your email address nor your credit card number will be requested of you. It also saves a tremendous amount of time.


Feel free to visit our competitor keyword research tool and begin utilizing it. It will always be free because it is an SEO keyword finder. To maintain the tool's smooth operation, we do, but, run advertising. And collect donations.



It suggests that you can find out for free how frequently individuals look for your keywords each month. The potential site traffic could then be calculated depending on several factors.


When conducting competitor keyword research for your blog. The search volume for a given keyword is a useful factor to take into account. Additionally, it aids in content prioritization. For instance, you might want to prioritize a keyword with 1500 and then a 700 search volume. While keeping other variables equal.



Setting keyword priorities requires knowledge of the paid competition for every keyword. They are divided into the categories listed below by our keyword research services:


  • Low competition
  • Moderate competition
  • High competition


The tool makes a choice based on information provided by Google AdWords. If there isn't much-paid competition for a term, you may rank for it extremely rapidly. If this is the case, it also means that it's useless. Put the value of your keywords in order.



The cost per click is CPC. It's what marketers pay the advertising platforms for each click in internet advertising. Finding the high CPC keywords is crucial since, as a publisher, you make a sizable profit.


The positive news with the use of our keyword research services, you can discover the CPC for each keyword. Following that, you can order keywords based on CPC. Usually, it is in US dollars. CPC for "online marketing," for instance, is USD 100.


The adverts for the term that are placed within your content will earn you almost USD 100 per click. CPC can help estimate keyword competitiveness and value.



By using this SEO keyword finder, you will be amazed. It will be doing all the work for you. You no longer have to hire a third party for SEO. This will be targeting your niche-specific keywords. It can be called the niche keyword finder.



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