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What is a backlink?

New Backlinks Checker - Tool to check your backlinks.

A backlink is a link from one website to another website.

To show how important it is, the Google Search engine uses backlinks as an indicator for determining how sites rank in Google search results.

It's critical for any site owner to know how many backlinks they have and where their backlinks are coming from.


How do we find out the number of backlinks we have?

The Backlinks Checker tool is an automated service that links to the most popular backlink tools and crawls all of your links. The tool calculates the number of backlinks you have on your site and on your social media profiles. It also points out the quality of each link, so you can understand how valuable it is or if it will hurt you in Google rankings.


Why would we want to know how many backlinks we have?

Since Google is constantly updating its search algorithms, it is important to follow the trends of SEO and understand what it takes to get on the first page. One way marketers can promote themselves is by acquiring backlinks.

The more backlinks you have, the greater chance you'll have of getting on the first page in Google search rankings. A new tool called New Backlinks Checker allows you to quickly find out how many backlinks your site has by inputting any website's URL.