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We promise that our page authority tester is by far the most practical method out of the many available tools. With just one click, you may check the result with this helpful tool. Type the website address you want to research to determine page authority.

You will receive your personal PA as well as DA scores from our PA checker. In addition to the overall amount of links leading to each website, you'll also discover how many Linking Roots Domains there are. The straightforward Status section will just let you know, in the end, whether there are any problems with the outcome.


We already told you how excellent our page authority tester is. It's now your turn to use our tool and verify if it functions.



The more strong and trustworthy a website is viewed by Google, the greater the PA as well as DA will be. As a result, your chances of appearing on the very first page of the search results are higher.


Although registering with several directories is a nice beginning, the backlinks won't be of high quality. Bloggers commonly utilize link trading and link trading on the internet to build their authority.


It's simple to verify a site's Page Authority with our page authority tool. Simply enter the sites' Addresses into the provided input area and click the "check page authority" option.


That is all you have to do! You may see the domain as well as check page authority ratings with only one click. Our application is special since it provides a bulk Check Page Authority checker that allows you to check URLs at once. Using the domain age checker, users can also determine the age and expiration of a domain. 


So start comparing the domain scores of your website and those of your competitors. By using our domain as well as the page authority checker tool.



Make a lot of both internal and external links that point to the page with just an appropriate anchor. 


Bloggers frequently utilize link trading and link trading on the internet to further their objectives.


Evaluate the website's DA before exchanging links with it. Since a page will have a good opportunity of boosting its PA if the website has a high Domain Authority.


The customer experience of the website or page should be considered. The number of pages that visitors view, their bounce rate, and how long they stay on a page. These are all elements that should be considered. While assessing a website's authority.


MOZ places a lot of emphasis on the following two factors because it attempts to imitate Google's algorithm:


  1. The material of the site
  2. Off-page: Use off-page with caution. It's crucial to look at the Domain Authority as well as the website's layout. Before searching for link building on a page. It is better if it is similar to the site you own. The caliber of the connections is crucial. And your webpage will have a greater chance of improving its ranking. If the domain has good online visibility.



You must be wondering what is page authority? Whenever your website is assessed using the methodology designed for it. Page Authority is merely used to determine where it ranks. Page Authority check score is evaluated using information gleaned from the Mozscapes Web Index. Or links that may be identified on a website. Information from MozRank as well as MozTrust, also to over 40 other variables.


One thing to keep in mind is that the Page Authority tool is unfocused. And will never consider factors like the number of keywords utilized. Or even content optimization.

Continue reading to find out what is a good page authority.




The MOZ Page Authority Score ranges from 1-100. With 100 representing the highest score.


It is impossible to distinguish between "excellent" and "poor" page authorities. A website's potential to rank in a specific competitive niche is predicted. By its page authority score. It is not advisable to pick a target page authority score at random. Check the PA ranking of the websites with which you plan to compete for the best search results.


Then, strive to outperform your rival's score. The ratings are thus "poor," "average," and "excellent". In terms of a particular highly competitive marketplace.


As a potential substitute, the website's odds of receiving a low score increase. As the PA score approaches zero. Nevertheless, a page authority checks score of 50 to 60 is regarded as good, as well as a score of 60 or more is regarded as great.


To find out whether your competitors have a high page authority check the score, and you can use our PA checker.



One of the best tools accessible online. In the digital industry for webmasters to assess page authority. It is no other but our webpage Page Authority Tool. The following characteristics make this page authority checker tool a standout tool:


Easy to use

Our page authority in SEO is very simple to use. To check page authority our checker tool doesn't require a rocket scientist. If you paste your uploaded URLs and select "Check Page Authority,". The algorithm will begin to run and produce results in a matter of seconds.


Reliable tool results

The website's page authority in SEO, as generated is precise. Use our google page authority checker to receive reliable findings. That is authentic in terms of page authority and domain authority.


Unlimited access is provided without charge

All site owners as well as webmasters find this ability to be the most fascinating. Because nobody wants to spend money on tools when so many of them are available online for free.


You can use our tool to examine the rankings of an endless variety of websites. Without paying a single penny for its services. By building high-authority backlinks with the help of our backlink creator. You can also raise your authority page.



An outer link is the main source of gaining a high Page Authority. The major factor is Moz's Rating. It employs a kind of holistic ranking that is difficult to manipulate. Despite this, there are many ways to increase your position. When someone searches for something connected to your keyword available on the internet. Use our Authority Page checker for an idea of how this works.


Choose Wise Keywords: 

The phrase "Smart Keywords" suggests that the keywords you select are:


  • Not very wide
  • Does not face many competitors
  • Enough traffic that readily translates into ranking
  • Not the sole entity devoted to boosting your page's rating


Whenever it concerns the use of keywords, many people frequently make several errors. Choose a lot of keywords at once to improve your ranking. Write articles that touch on a variety of subjects you wish to talk about on your page.


Use Keywords Around An Idea:

Inserting unrelated phrases into your page since you think it will help you rank higher is a bad idea. But, If you choose to go through the process of locating keywords. That revolves around the main concept. That is a good idea.


Opt for Keywords With the Correct Qualifiers:

The qualifiers you employ are another factor that affects how visitors see your page. Make sure to include top qualifiers that will make your topic more particular. When producing a top for your website. For instance, you may choose to use the date and time to add specificity. As well as give a few of the topic's search engine results a higher score.


Sell Blogs that are Worth Selling: 

Never produce blogs lacking value. Regardless of how much you require to perform better. Every time you do so, your rating will drop, which will have an impact on any background pages you may be running. When you offer value, keep an eye out for ways to make it so practical. That anyone who sees your site can revisit it to read it repeatedly.


Utilize All Available Resources to Add Value: 

You can also examine your website's backlinks. To add value in the greatest method feasible. By using infographics, you can also produce more value. It exposes readers to material of a better caliber. Additionally, you can make video series. That investigates how readers can get the things they want. Or even a brand-new tool that will help them with their work. To top things off, write a how-to manual. One must not undervalue this kind of value.